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Website Design & Development
Design, build setup and manage private or business and organization websites and intranet
with secure access and hosting options.

Meeting your needs
We sit down with you and understand your business goals and practices before we start talking about your vision for a web site.
After we fully understand your needs, we go to work and present you with our design comps.
Then we listen and implement your adjustments.
We build your site using the latest tools and include plenty of professional graphics and your photography and text.
We work with you to give you only the appropriate technology.

We ask you to review the new site online at several stages of development then take it for a test drive until you are 100% satisfied.

Marketing your new site requires search engine registration with the top 10 search engines available for direct listing. This is included in the site development
Direct marketing to your existing customers with a press releases, e-mail announcements, and strategic cross-links are part of the additional services we offer to boost your site rankings and visibility.

We include 8 hours of maintenance and technical assistance to start you off
After that you can choose from monthly maintenance contracts or site maintenance at an hourly rate.

Website components available  

Animation & Multimedia


Graphics & Display

  • Flash/Shockwave page elements/images
  • Animated GIF elements/images
  • Dynamic HTML
  • Shock Proof coding
  • 360 degree Panoramic images
  • Audio/Video (Real, MP3, Quicktime)
  • Java applets
  • Slide shows
  • Custom graphics and logo design
  • Pop-up floating windows
  • Random or rotating images
  • Status bar messages
  • Banners
  • Site Maps
  • Scheduled pages or images
  • Dropdown dynamic menus

  • e-Commerce & Databases


  • e-Commerce/shopping carts
  • Dynamic, data-driven content
  • Custom forms
  • Site search engine
  • Secure pages administration & log in facilities
  • Email subscription forms & database

  • JavaScript
  • Visual Basic
  • Active Server Pages (ASP)
  • Java
  • Linux based secure server technologies

  • Guest Relations

    Marketing & Traffic

  • Guest books
  • Software downloads
  • Search Engine submissions
  • Existing Site SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Ranking Techniques
  • Traffic Reports and analysis

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    Hosting and Domain names
    Register and set up hosting packages and domain names at GREAT rates.

    For your computer hardware and software including upgrades replacment parts or new computers built to your specs.

    Website and hosting support online

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